Danielle LaFrance, Tentacle Rasa

If to be a subject is to be subjugated, then Danielle LaFrance’s latest chapbook suggests that we might find a way out of this state by plunging through murky depths, the mind working as a tentacled sex organ feeling through possibilities of desire, sovereignty, and communion. Tentacle Rasa seeks seeking when LaFrance asserts that “One moment this self is In & the next/ this self is Out,” putting the lie to the myth of the stable subject and showering the reader with “fuck words,” with a deluge that flushes through questions of devotion and the limits of ideology. As Jean-Luc Nancy writes that “being” is always a “being-with,” LaFrance utterly wrecks the borders between subjects but also between species, so that the self “smells of/ everything”: crisp air, pine, bear scat, smoke from the tracks, seaweed, oil, the bracken inky stew of erotic thought.

150 copies, $10 usd in so-called North America, $12 outside.

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Pamphlet Series Subscription

As part of our small contribution to maintaining a semblance of material culture during this time imbued with the horror of digital ephemerality, Asterion Projects will be releasing a series of pamphlets twice a year. Our first four projections include work from Geoffrey Olsen, Ray Ferreira, tanner menard, and ebs (Emma Brown Sanders).

While each pamphlet is limited to 50 copies, most will be mailed out individually or given to authors, and only 20 subscriptions to the full run of 2020 pamphlets are available. A subscription includes four pamphlets mailed immediately and four mailed in the autumn, PLUS a special gift. $5 in the US, $8 Canada and Mexico. Outside of North America? Inquire within. 2020 series SOLD OUT.

Reading My Catastrophe/Pain

The first chapbook from Asterion Projects is a do-si-do featuring the writing of New Narrative luminaries Robert Glück and Camille Roy. Printed in an edition of 250. Seven dollars postage paid in the US, ten dollars everywhere else.



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